Never Stare at the Sun; pointing a telescope or binoculars at the Sun even for a instant will cause permanent damage to your eyes.

From humble beginnings with a single solar telescope and a dream, Sunworshippers is now a force in the mainstream popularisation of astronomy and in particular the leading exponent in rekindling Man’s relationship with the Sun.

Sunworshippers unapologetically non erudite startup, our infectious enthusiasm for sharing the marvels of the Universe and the astronomical knowledge  of our Sun Worshipping ancestors means that we are able to reach the public with an incredibly effective edutainment platform.

Sunworshippers has had a wonderful Summer so far reaching hundreds more with our Planetarium, guest lecturers and documentary cinema. To see some of the highlights go to the Photos page.

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WHAT IS THE SUN SPOT NUMBER?Sunspot_number.html

International Year of Astronomy 2009 Solar Physics Group

The IYA2009 Solar Physics Task Group webpage provides lots of useful information and solar orientated activities. The links page alone opens up a World of knowledge and educational possibilities.